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Confidentiality Agreement

SSL encrypted security technology and Iyzico Virtual POS infrastructure are used in credit card payment transactions made through our website www.kemerflorist.com.
Credit Card Security
The security of your credit card is ensured by SSL encryption technology. On the pages where you enter your credit card information, a lock icon appears at the bottom of your browser or in the address line, depending on the browser type you use. This icon shows the RapidSSL Certificate provided by GeoTrust. The internet address line turns into https on the page where you enter your credit card information when making payment. When you start the payment process, regardless of our website, an encrypted connection is established between the customer's computer and the bank, and any information you send through the browser is not seen by www.kemerflorist.com staff or third parties. Customer credit card information is never recorded on our website www.kemerflorist.com.
Personal Information Security
The personal information and addresses you provide for delivery on our website www.kemerflorist.com are protected in a secure area. Your personal information is not shared with any institution, organization or third party except for legal obligation.
Use of Personal Information
Only www.kemerflorist.com and Armeria Çiçekçilik can use your Name, Surname, Telephone, E-mail and Address information for situations such as delivering the product you have purchased to your address, invoicing the product purchased, and informing you about price discounts and campaigns.
Use of Cookies
Cookies are used on our site. Cookie data is used solely for user convenience on this site.
Situations That Customer Should Pay Attention to

Apart from all the security applications we have taken on our website www.kemerflorist.com, it is important for customer personal security that the browser security settings used on the customer's computer are at the highest level, that software such as anti-virus and firewall are used and kept up to date, and that your personal information and passwords are not saved on your computer. It does.
www.kemerflorist.com and Armeria Çiçekçilik never request personal information, credit card numbers and/or similar information from their customers via e-mail. Customers from our website www.kemerflorist.com

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