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Our company, which serves in the flower industry, was established in 2024. Our company, founded by İsmail CERİT under the brand Armeria Çiçekçilik, is located in Yeni Mah. with 20 years of experience and knowledge in the flower industry. We serve you with our store and websites located in Atatürk and Demokrasi Bulvarı no:8/p4 Kemer Antalya.

Our company, one of the leading companies in its sector, started selling flowers via the internet in 2005. You can send your flowers to Antalya center and districts with quality service, on-time delivery assurance, and fresh and abundant flower options. Armeria floristry delivers your orders to all towns of Antalya Kemer on time with the understanding of quality service. Our company delivers all your orders for Antalya to their addresses with its own vehicles.

We serve you better with our artistic works without compromising on quality. Reliable order, friendly delivery, fresh flowers.

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